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EZ Press Insert #2 function and instructions

What is Insert #2 used for?

Insert #2 sets the autchuck actuator height. This insures that the actuator in the autochuck does not get damaged when you pull down on the lever when rebuilding your turbine. This insert is used when there is no pre-sized insert to fit the depth of the actuator on a specific autochuck.

Insert #2 instructions.

1. Locate one of the 3 holes below the ProScore Label on the EZ Press III. Place the bur of the turbine in to the hole.

2. Loosen Insert #2 and place it over the top of the turbine. Press gently down on the turbine and turn the #2 Insert clockwise until you feel it just touch the chuck.

3. Now turn the #2 Insert slightly counterclockwise.

4. Place Insert #2 under bearing ram on the right.