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Basic Turbine Parts

These are the names we use to define the basic parts of a highspeed dental handpiece turbine. Turbines are also called dental rotors or dental cartridges depending on the manufacturer. ProScore turbines come with all the needed hardware, like o-rings, slingers and washers. You should never reuse any part from old turbine except when explicitly instructed to do so in the Rebuild Instructions.

Each make and model handpiece will have different build-ups of hardware. You must take care to make sure that all parts go on in the specific order the instructions outline. While some parts make look the same, the difference can be only a thousandths of a inch. This tiny amount can make all the difference when replacing and rebuilding highspeed dental handpieces.

The front of the highspeed handpiece is where the bur comes out and the rear of the handpiece is where the head cap is located. Some companies refer to this as the bottom, where the bur is, and top as where the head cap is.

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